Credit Control

Vilcol is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Authorisation number 677688

BEWARE – Not every agency on the web is authorised by the FCA

Vilcol is a professional credit control company that carries out rapid, effective and compliant credit management for individuals and businesses that need assistance with business debt recovery.

Whether a small business looking for help with cash collection or a larger growing business looking for outsourced credit control, our objective remains the same.

Vilcol utilise a highly specialised and flexible credit control collection procedure to recover your money and all defaults and arrears payments will be recovered according to UK Laws and compliance to the CCA, Data Protection Act 1998, FCA and industry guidance on TCF and vulnerability, FOS and the CSA including PCI-DSS.

(CCA - Consumer Credit Act; FCA - Financial Conduct Authority; TCF - Treating Customers Fairly; FOS – Financial Ombudsman Service; CSA – Credit Services Association and PCI-DSS Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard)


Credit Control - Accounts under 120 days old

Please note that we consider Credit Control to be accounts that are under 120 days old. Anything after that is considered debt collection.

We pride ourselves on having the latest MIS computer system which enables our credit collectors to monitor debtor response ten times quicker - stage by stage.

The team at Vilcol will work alongside you to understand your unique business and will provide regular and ongoing communication so that you have complete transparency throughout the entire credit control process.

We accept instructions in any format and receive reports as per your requirements.

At Vilcol, we prefer to concentrate on quality negotiations rather than predictive quantity and analysis. We utilise, letters, email, SMS and telephone collection strategies designed to your requirements.

Credit Control normally attracts a fee of 10% on a success only basis with no pre-payment fee. We can also work on a fixed fee per account so if you’re looking for credit control services, get in contact and we can find the most suitable service for your requirements.


Credit Control FAQs

Q: How does Credit Control work?

A: Outsourcing your credit control to Vilcol allows you to ensure prompt payments from your debtor. Vilcol will provide credit management services for accounts that are under 120 days old to ensure rapid, effective and compliant recovery of your debt. Anything that is over 120 days old is consider debt collection.

To find out more about our credit control services, get in touch.

Q: How do I open a credit control case?

A: If you need our help simply fill out our debt recovery order and we will get back to you to discuss your case.

Q: How will I know what’s happening?

A: We ensure that we provide regular and ongoing communication, so that you have complete visibility as to our progress. You can send us instructions and updates at anytime. To start your credit control case, instruct us today.

Q: What are your credit control procedures?

A: Credit Control collection procedures are geared to understand the customer’s issues and reasons for non-payment. We work very proactively with the client to resolve all issues. Once resolved our liquidation of accounts is in the region of 99%.