Employment Trace

Vilcol provides a rapid, efficient and compliant method to trace customer’s employment status. All enquires are conducted within the Credit Services Association (CSA) Guidelines, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Guidelines and Data Protection Statutes.

If you are unsure that the subject of your enquiry is still resident at the last known address please select from the drop down box at the top of the Instruction Form the service that you require which includes “+ Trace”. You will only be charged for the Trace if the subject of your enquiry has moved and we have located their new address.

Employment Trace – Vilcol will assign your instruction to one of our award winning experienced in-house investigators to research your subject. Upon your behalf they will carry out various enquiries and follow leads based on the information supplied by you and as a result of any other information gained. We will attempt to confirm the following:-

  1. Employers name, address and telephone number
  2. Department that the subject works in
  3. Position
  4. Whether Self employed
  5. Trading name
  6. Telephone number
  7. Web Site
  8. Unemployed
  9. Retired

All successful Traces have a free 30 day Re-Trace policy.

Average response time is 10 working days. We can do it faster if you want but that will cost more. If you want a faster service when instructing us please either tick same day, 24 hour or 48 hour.

Please note that you can also instruct us on this service if you cannot provide a last known address. (£40 supplement)

Re-Trace Policy – Vilcol will re-check free of charge any information supplied by us if the request is received in writing within 30 days of the date of our report.

Trace Fee £35.00 on a success only basis with no pre-payment fee . Our report will be emailed to you when we receive payment.


Fees not inclusive of VAT.