Buyer Beware Enquiries

Have you been ripped off when buying from the internet?

Were the goods not as described, not delivered, you have had no response, etc?

Vilcol provides a rapid, efficient and compliant trace service. If you have any of the following we may be able to help you locate the person or company who sold you the goods that you are not happy with. If required you can use our report to progress your case with the Trading Standards Office.



Telephone number(s)


IP Address(s)

Email address(s)

Vilcol will assign your instruction to one of our award winning experienced in-house investigators to research your subject. Upon your behalf they will carry out various trace enquiries and follow leads based on the information supplied by you and as a result of any other information gained. Please be advised that we will charge for this service if third party sources confirm that the subject is still resident at the address supplied. All successful Traces have a free 30 day Re-Trace policy.

Re-Trace policy – Vilcol will re-check free of charge any information supplied by us if the request is received within 30 days of the date of our report.

Trace Fee £35.00 on a success only basis with no pre payment fee.


If you do not have the name and address and additional fee of £40.00 will be added.

When instructing us place the information concerning Telephone number(s), Website(s), IP Address(s) and Email address(s) in the further information box. We will do the rest.

Our report will be emailed to you when we receive payment.

Fees not inclusive of VAT.