Private Investigators

We carry out private investigations in an effective, reliable, professional and discreet manner. Our experienced detectives take on a wide variety of cases and will work closely with you to determine what is needed and what information you are looking for - whether it is personal or business, requiring background checks and information, or surveillance and interviews.

They have been trained to the highest professional private investigation standards, our investigators are experienced in statement taking, evidence gathering and presenting evidence in court. Our surveillance techniques include the use of electronic or video recording equipment, as required.

Our fees and blended services are determined by your specific requirements, so please contact us if you would like to instruct us or discuss your case and get an estimation of fees.

Investigator Services:

• Accident Investigations
• Tenant Reference Checks
• Insurance Claims
• Personal or Private investigations
• Matrimonial
• Surveillance
• Employment References
• CV Verification
• Electronic Fraud
• Surveillance
• Divorce investigations
• Cheating partners
• Background checks on individuals or companies
• Evidence gathering
• Witness interviews
• Undercover operations
• Close protection
• Security consultations
• Corporate investigations
• Financial investigations

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