Process Serving

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What is a Process Server?

Process serving is the delivery of court orders or legal documents in accordance with requirements and law, ensuring the process is carried out timely and to the correct location and person.

Why use a Process Server

A process server will ensure that documents are served correctly and on time. Process servers are independent to the proceedings so evidence that the documents have been served correctly and on time carries more weight, especially if a Certificate is obtained.

How Process Serving Works

Process Serving is a service provided to individuals or companies to serve court orders and court documents, such as:

  • Divorce Petitions
  • Injunctions
  • Bankruptcy Petition
  • Insolvency Document
  • Statutory Demands
  • Witness Summons
  • Claim Forms

Our Process Serving Service

Vilcol provides a rapid, efficient and compliant process serving service to serve individuals or companies named in court documents.

We carry out process serving for solicitors, businesses and individuals. We serve all types of court documents or legal papers, in accordance with instructions and legal requirements.

We can serve documents throughout the UK with our network of operatives, and can provide a quick turnaround with attendance at short notice.

We can serve documents out of normal hours to home or business addresses, as instructed.

We will provide an affidavit/certificate of service once the documents have been successfully served.

The fee is still payable when our process server attends and confirms conclusively that your debtor is not at the address you provided.

If you suspect the individual(s) or company(s) have moved we also offers a Trace and Serve Service.

You can either instruct us online or contact us to discuss any details or find out more about our process serving procedures.

Service Fee £135.00 inclusive of report, Affidavit or Certificate of Service.


Trace and Serve Fee £170.00 inclusive of report, Affidavit or Certificate of Service.


Fees not inclusive of VAT.