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Commercial Debt Recovery

How many times have you heard a business person say “I can’t afford to lose this client, but they owe me a lot of money”? Our response is that they are no longer a customer but a debtor, and will your company survive with your money in their bank account?

Since 1990 Vilcol has proudly offered commercial debt recovery services to landlords, SME’s and large companies, helping them to recover outstanding business debt.

As an ISO 9001-approved agency. You can feel confident that Vilcol have the experience and the systems in place to recover business debt in a professional and legal manner.

As an Investor in People we work hard to continually develop our team of high-trained officers, all of whom are trained in the art of corporate recovery negotiation. We find that in many cases when our clients have failed to receive payment from debtors a third party such as Vilcol can be instrumental recovering monies owed.

In addition to the considerable resources at our disposal, Vilcol also understand the importance of maintaining communication with you, so that you can feel confident that your debts are being chased in a consistent manner. To this end you’ll receive regular updates on our progress.

If you then decide to proceed with litigation we have links with High Court Sheriff companies who will assist and guide you in all aspects of your litigation journey including the Late Payment Commercial Act.

Perhaps most importantly of all, our commercial debt collection service operates on a success-only basis. In this way there is no risk to you, and invoicing only occurs when successful payment had been made. Fees typically are assessed on a percentage basis.

When you are seeking to recover commercial debts, possibly the worst thing you can do is to sit on your hands. All too often we hear stories of companies waiting too long, only to find that a debtor of theirs has wound up their business. As you will very rarely get any money back from a liquidator this debtor essentially needs to be removed from your accounts, making for a considerable loss.

If you have commercial debts that you need assistance recovering, why not call our helpful and experienced team today for a chat about the options? 0208 390 9988.